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Meeting the demands of our customers requires a focused, determined and efficient team of talented and skilled associates. We recruit and retain individuals who are smart, energetic, flexible and able to function in an efficient team environment.

Compensation Package

Wolverine Assemblies offers competitive wages and an attractive benefits package that includes health care, paid vacation, paid holidays, life insurance and more.

We Value Our People

Wolverine Assemblies succeeds when our people succeed. We provide our associates with an environment that respects the dignity of every individual. Innovative thinking is encouraged and opportunities for professional growth are provided.

Wolverine Assemblies - A TAG Holdings Company

Wolverine Assemblies is a member of the TAG family of businesses. TAG Holdings is located in Troy Michigan.

Employment Opportunities at Wolverine Assemblies

Wolverine Assemblies selects employees from candidates registered on Michigan Works! Association website. Please visit their web site at http://michiganworks.org/

Employment Opportunities at Wolverine Assemblies

Wolverine Assemblies is committed to provide equal employment opportunities for all of our employees and applicants who desire employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, weight, marital status, national origin, status as a qualified veteran, disability or any other basis prohibited by applicable federal and state laws.

Wolverine Assemblies believes that the full utilization of the talents of all individuals can be achieved by adopting practices which will assure equal opportunities to all. Such a practice not only results in effective operations, but also fosters an environment in which all individuals have the opportunity to benefit from the utilization of their talents.