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TAG Companies

TAG companies work in partnership with customers to meet existing business needs and the challenges associated with new opportunities. Within the TAG organization, lessons learned are shared across the enterprise, resulting in efficiency, productivity and quality enhancements. These enhancements are incorporated into customer manufacturing and service solutions, enabling our customers to meet the needs of the marketplace.

Air Caster, LLC

Air Caster manufactures ergonomic equipment for container handling, vertical lifting and work positioning. Equipment is custom designed around customer specifications and improves worker productivity.


  • Product customization
  • Product installation
  • Engineering services
  • End-to-end solution design
  • Equipment refurbishing


  • Air bearing movers
  • Air pallets
  • Adjustable height platforms
  • Conveyor systems
  • Pneumatic scissor lifts
  • Fork free ergonomic scissor lifts
  • Ergonomic tilters
  • Industrial turntables
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Baron Industries, LLC

Baron Industries, located in Madison Heights, MI., is a leader in porosity sealing services and solutions in the vacuum impregnation industry. Vacuum impregnation in metal castings and powdered metal parts seals leaks resulting from porosity. The impregnating sealant is introduced into the voids or porosity within the wall of the part usually using vacuum and pressure. Porosity sealing services prevent fluid or gas leakage and internal corrosion. Cutting feeds and speeds can also be increased through resin impregnation. Tool life has been increased 4 to 10 fold on many applications.


  • Leak testing
  • Electric part sealing
  • Vacuum impregnation of castings and powdered metal parts

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Barton Manufacturing, LLC

Barton Product  
Located in Decatur, IL, Barton Manufacturing is a long time supplier to the heavy equipment industry. The company provides complete machining and fabrication services to companies across America. Machining capabilities include turning capacity to 26" with live tooling, bar capacity to 3", milling capacity to 120" x 60" x 50", high speed drilling and tapping, welding, fabricating and machining of weldments.


  • CNC machining and welding
  • Fabrication
  • CAD design
  • Grit blasting
  • Complete manufacturing services
  • Conventional machining
  • Plate and bar shearing
  • Painting or plating


  • Fabricated axle assemblies
  • Blade mounting weldments
  • Large brake retainers
  • Welded and cast frame structures
  • Link bar assemblies
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Wolverine Assemblies, LLC

Located in Wixom, MI, Wolverine Assemblies provides a wide range of warehousing and assembly services that include supply chain management, international logistics and manufacturing. The services reduce total landed costs (TLC) associated with making and delivering products to the point where they produce revenue. Services are provided to a diverse portfolio of customers.


  • Modular assembly
  • Supply chain management
  • Sequential parts delivery
  • Component consolidation
  • Warehousing


  • Automotive modular assemblies
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